Rapid ID

Mobile Rapid ID gives instant access to a person’s identify, off-line and on-line.

  • Financial sector - Reduce risk through positive identification.
  • Police - ID suspects instantly.
  • Border Control  and Visa Checks - Reduce lines through instant ID.
  • Healthcare - Protect privacy and identities.
  • Travel Agency - Instant ID of clients for travel.
  • Tax - Verify ID of taxpayers and protect financial records.
  • Green Card Verification - Instantly verify immigrant identity, even without physical card.
  • Rental Agencies - Securely rent cars, hotel rooms, and more to the right people.
  • Bars and Restaurants - Secure, instant age verification.
Automated Fingerprint Identification System
Automated Biometric Identification System

The system is designed to work the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems) at the local, state, or federal levels, as well as internal records.

The Mobile Rapid ID system includes: fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and biometric identification sets.

In a world where instant access to information is the norm, isn’t time for your organization to have instant access to ID verification of everyone? Higher security, fraud reduction, and more.