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Whether you’re hosting a virtual event because of the coronavirus or to save money, virtual events provide meeting and event planners with many unique benefits, like easy data collection. Although the particular metrics produced by virtual events can vary depending on what virtual platform and event management software planners use, it tends to be easier to gather certain data on your event and attendees during your virtual event than an in-person event. Why? Because everything is done online, so it can be easily tracked. You can know the exact number of people attending, when your attendees logged on, from where, their dwelling time, how they are paying, and so much more.

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Video recording


  • Composition: 61% Female and 52% Millennial (ages 25-39)
  • Sentiment was very positive early on but declined later
  • Attendance was steady throughout the meeting


  • The client provided us a screen recording of the meeting (without sound)
  • Our software processed the video (accounting for profile pics) and extracted comprehensive statistics
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  • It is easy to lose excitement in virtual meetings
  • Polls and small breaks improve the mood and experience of participants

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Whether you are analyzing a live event or a virtual meeting, we have got you covered!

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